Q. When will you deliver/set up the tent for a weekend party? Friday night or Saturday morning?
A. Friday delivery. I will call you Wednesday, early evening, with a 2 hour window of time for delivery on Friday.

Q. How many people do your tents accommodate?
A. Our 20×20 tents seat approximately 36-48 people and our 20×30 tents seat approximately 60-80 people.

Q. How many tables generally fit under the 20×20 without being super crowded?
A. 6 tables fit comfortably and 6 chairs per table make it more comfortable. Once you put 8 chairs it is crowded and you have minimal walking space between the tables.

Q. Do you need payment in advance or at setup?
A. Payment is taken at set up time.

Q. How much space do you need to set up the tent?
A. We need at least 3 feet along the perimeter of the tent to safely secure the stakes in the ground and you’ll want even more grassy space beyond that so guests don’t trip on the stakes.

Q. Can you put the tent on our driveway?
A. We can set up a tent on blacktop but you will have holes remaining when we take the tent down. With the heat of July and August, these holes naturally fill themselves but if you want to keep your blacktop in pristine condition, we highly recommend setting up your tent in a grassy area.

Q: Does my outdoor space need to be level to install a tent?
A: Yes, as level as possible. Pole and frame tents have solid, one piece poles so they are best installed on level, or close to level ground, since the poles are not adjustable. Installing on a hill will not only look awkward but it lends itself to falling over if it gets windy.

Q: Can I hang decorations or lights inside/underneath the tent?
A: Yes, but never use staples. Staples can rip the tent fabric, which means forfeiting your deposit. Instead of staples, try masking tape, duct tape, thin wire or twine. We also have weight restrictions for decorations so always ask us before hanging something to avoid the tent collapsing during your party.

Q: I’m expecting 50 people at my party. How many chairs should I rent?
A: Generally, you can rent fewer than 50 chairs because not everyone will sit at the same time. I would recommend 40 chairs in this instance as outdoor parties are usually more casual, with people coming and going throughout the day. However, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding with a sit down meal, consider renting enough chairs to accommodate every guest during the ceremony and dinnertime.

Q. When do you come back to take the tent down?
A. It will be taken down on Monday and you do not have to be there. Just remove all of your belongings from under the tent, leaving the tables and chairs under there. You do not have to fold the tables and chairs, the guys will do that.


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  • How many chairs fit at a table?

    Brian Smida recommended we use you for my daughters grad party.

    I’m looking for a quote on 50 chairs and probably 6 tables to be delivered to

    • Hey Mike. Sorry but I just saw this comment today. I took out your personal info to protect your privacy. The best way to reach me for price quotes is to call my cell at (914) 490-5394. Lots of spammers like to leave comments in hopes of getting approved and then the real comments get lost in the shuffle. Hope your party was a smashing success.

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