party tents, tables and chairs in Dutchess County, NY

Spring is here in Dutchess County and that means outdoor party planning has begun!

Now is the time to think about your Memorial Day, high school graduations, and July 4th holiday parties. If you’re planning on entertaining outside, NOW is the time to reserve your party tents, tables and chairs.

party tents, tables and chairs in Dutchess County, NY
Celebrating outside means:

  • you can host more people than you could fit comfortably inside your home
  • no worries about spills on your carpet or scratches on your hardwood floors
  • you have enough space to serve food buffet style
  • creating a casual, laid-back atmosphere for your guests to enjoy

If you have never entertained outside before, here are a few tips for first-timers:

  • rent a tent – your guests will appreciate the shade on a sunny day and a place to stay dry if it happens to rain
  • keep it simple – from decorations to food choices, choose easy-to-make food, hire a local caterer, or make it a potluck party
  • keep drinks cold by using large coolers on the deck or patio – leads to fewer people marching through your house

Most importantly, enjoy your own party! Kick off your shoes, grab a drink and enjoy your family and friends on these very special occasions.


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