circus-themed birthday parties

Circus-themed birthday parties are almost always a hit with little ones and big kids alike. The theme is bright, colorful, and lively, and can be a ton of fun. While you may not be able to bring the lion tamer and bearded ladies, or even acrobats to your home to perform for this grand affair, there are a few essentials every big top birthday celebration must include.

A Big Top

You’re going to need a great big party tent to make the theme as realistic and fun for everyone as possible. You’ll also want plenty of folding chairs, so your delighted audience can watch as clowns put on a terrific show complete with balloon animals and more.

Helium Tank

What’s a day at the circus without a bouquet of balloons to top things off. The helium tank allows you to blow up your own balloons as needed and ensures no child leaves the party without one.

Circus Food

If you’re going to bring the big top to your own back yard you need to have some circus worthy grub. This includes all your childhood favorites, like:

• Animal crackers (because no circus is complete without a few of your favorite ferocious beasts)
• Candy apples
• Circus peanuts (no allergies to worry about with these delightful candies)
• Dill pickles
• Hot dogs
• Popcorn

If the day is hot, you might want to consider some sort of snow cone or slushy maker. At the very least you’ll want to provide plenty of punch, water, or soda to quench the most powerful thirsts.

Circus Clowns to Put on a Show

The quintessential crowd pleasers of every circus are the clowns and no big top birthday is complete without at least one or two clowns to light up the stage and steal the show.

The key ingredient to any circus-themed party, though, is laughter. Make sure you invite plenty of friends and neighbors so that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the festivities.

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