backyard movie night

Back yard movie night! What could be better at bringing the neighbors together for a night with the stars, beneath the stars? Of course, there are a few essential ingredients you need to have on hand to make the most of your movie night debut.

A Nice Party Tent

You might think that sounds a little out of place for a movie night event in your back yard. But, the tent serves an important purpose. It helps to block the light. In fact, you may want to make sure you get flaps for the sides as well. Blocking the light helps the images on screen show up more vividly.

The Right Equipment

You don’t need to invest a huge sum of money securing a video screen, a white sheet will do. You will need a projector that can play DVDs or Blu-Ray discs, an engaging family-friendly movie, and a nice sound system so everyone can hear. Make sure you invite your neighbors, so they don’t become peeved over too much noise.

Movie Snacks

For this occasion, it might be worth investing in or renting a popcorn popper so you can enjoy an authentic movie experience. Don’t forget to have plenty of sodas and theater candy on hand as well. For a main course, serve some hot dogs, nachos, and other movie-viewing essentials. In the heat of the summer, consider including popsicles as an option to help all your guests keep their cool while the movie is playing.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure to have plenty of comfortable seating for expected and unexpected guests who may pop over to see what’s going on. Remember this is a night about fun and fellowship and a novel experience for most. Make the most of it and have an enjoyable time by making sure you have all the right stuff for a real hit on your hands.

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