I love watching HGTV and latest craze is the show, Tiny House Hunters. Whenever I catch an episode I just sit and shake my head, thinking how on earth anybody could live in a space so small without going stir crazy or wanting to escape from their spouse. The one I caught the other night featured a couple looking at a house 150 sq. feet AND they had 2 kids who would share the space with them!

create outdoor space

But I digress. Many people who don’t live in those super tiny houses often complain that their houses or kitchens aren’t big enough when it comes to entertaining. They wonder where people will sit, will they have space for everyone to eat, where will they set up the food, how will they keep food warm, etc. It’s a common question and concern to any hostess, which is why renting a party tent to create outdoor space can alleviate that problem.

If you don’t have enough room inside your house, move the party outside by putting up a party tent or two. With tables and chairs setup strategically, you can create outdoor space for guests to spread out and/or to set up a buffet table for the food. Even if half the guests go outside, you’ll have more space inside, guests won’t feel cramped and no one will get overheated from being crowded.

Other benefits of renting a party tent include:

  • Fewer spills and dirt in the house, especially if you have small children at the party
  • Convenience of having food table outside, especially if you’re grilling
  • Keeping food out of sun is safe
  • If it rains, quick shelter
  • If it’s sunny, protection from sunburns

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