Summer is a great time when many people like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Whether you’re a sun lover, nature worshipper, or someone who simply likes to be out and about to watch the world go by, taking your summer gatherings outdoors rather than in can make the day go so much more smoothly, especially if you have a few key tools in place to make the most of your summer events. These are the critical factors you want to have in place.

Ice, Ice, Baby

You’re going to need a lot of ice to keep your drinks (and some food items) nice and cold throughout your event. Whether you’re keeping everything at your summer event kid friendly or have a few tried and true adult beverages on hand, keeping your drinks cold can keep you and your guests properly hydrated throughout the day.

If you’re going to have some mixture of the two, you might also consider having separate ice chests for adult beverages and for the non-alcoholic variety to make sure the wrong drinks don’t fall into underage hands.

A Party Tent

Party tents serve many purposes you might not even realize until you find yourself in need of one or more of them. Not only does it identify your location to guests if you’re in a public gathering or even location but it also provides shade from the relentless summer sun.

Most importantly for many families who plan events in the summer, though, is that it provides shelter from a stray shower or two that may crop up during your event so that everyone is protected until the storm blows over and your event activities can resume.

Garbage and Recycling Bags

Whether you’re partying in your own backyard, at a state park, at the lake, or some other location, you want to leave your gathering space in as good, if not better, condition as you found it. This means gathering up and disposing of your garbage properly. Bringing both garbage and recycling bags allows your guests to choose if they want to help safeguard the planet and allows you the opportunity to dispose of your garbage properly before calling it a day.

Plenty of Food and Drinks

Good food is the heart and soul of almost any summer gathering. Whether you’re going with light finger foods (chips, pretzels, deviled eggs, and hot dogs) or something more substantial, you’re going to need you have plenty to feed an army of guests who are working up healthy appetites in the heat of the summer sun.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and electrolyte replacement drinks as well to help your guests avoid dehydration.

The final addition to your summertime party essentials is good music to celebrate the day. Make sure you bring your favorite tunes and a nice indoor/outdoor speaker so you can share them with your guests. With these essential tools in place you’re on course to have an outstanding day!


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