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Planning a big party can be stressful and outdoor party planning tends to be a little more stressful when you have to consider the weather forecast. But we want you to relax and enjoy your outdoor party, so we put together a few practical party planning tips to help alleviate the stress.


  • Setting up your food and drinks buffet-style allows your guests to eat and drink on their own time. If you hire a caterer, then you can serve a sit down meal outdoors but if you don’t have a caterer, buffet-style is much easier.
  • Set up your drink table away from the food table as warm weather and sweet drinks attract bees and wasps.
  • Set up your food and drink tables underneath a party tent to help shield from the summer sun. Food safety is very important as you don’t want your guests getting food poisoning so shield the food from direct sunlight.
  • Use chafing racks and water pans with ice in them to keep cold foods cold.
  • If the wind kicks up, will your tablecloth corners blow into any chafing candles or make a mess by blowing into your food? Purchase plastic table clips to use on the corner of each table or make your own by decorating wooden laundry pins with something related to your theme (shell, butterfly, grad caps, etc) as a weight for your tablecloths; it looks so much nicer than having tape under the table.
  • Utilize what you have and save some money; pick flowers from your yard for centerpieces and put them in vases or mason jars you have at home.
  • Buy little stringed lights in the theme of your party and hang them around the inside of the tent (there is a rope specifically for that purpose).
  • Don’t count little children individually in your head count for food. They won’t eat as much as an adult so count 2 or 3 of them as 1 person.
  • You also don’t need one chair per child unless you’re having a formal, sit down dinner. Kids are more likely to play during dinner time or you can set up a picnic blanket on the grass for them.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Contact a caterer, ask relatives to cook, or turn your party into a potluck affair. Sometimes you discover the best recipes when people bring a potluck dish!

Of course, we are here to help as well with all your party rental needs!

Summertime is right around the corner so NOW is the time to think about your party rental needs for high school graduations, birthdays, family reunions, and July 4th.


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