There are few ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that are better than spending the day with family in the great outdoors. It’s sort of like double duty, celebrating Mother’s Day with Mother Nature. But there are a few things that will make the day even better for dear old Mom while making sure she’s taking it easy and not doing the heavy lifting she tends to do at events like these.

Mother's Day backyard party

Here are a few things you can do to celebrate all the moms in your family in style this Mother’s Day.

Set up a Party Tent for the Mothers

Mother’s Day is a time of year that is known for beautiful scenery and ample opportunities to enjoy nature’s bounty. It’s also known for highly unpredictable weather. Setting up a tent for the mothers and guests ensures they aren’t caught in a sudden downpour and helps to provide shade if the sun is more than a little relentless on the day.

The party tent is also the perfect location for setting up tables and seating for meals, especially if your extended family is all coming to your house. It also keeps the mess out of the house, so mom isn’t left to clean up afterwards. This is her day after all!

Bring Comfortable Seating and Plenty of Tables

This is the day when the mothers in your family are supposed to take it easy. This means the daughters, sons, and fathers do the heavy lifting for a change. In this case that would be the heavy lifting of bringing tables and chairs out so that everyone has a place to sit for meals and conversations as the afternoon progresses. Or, if you don’t have dozens of tables stored in your basement, rent them when you order the party tent.

Don’t Let Mom Lift a Finger

This is the hard part. Most mothers are givers and doers by nature. They are so accustomed to fixing plates, stirring dishes, and picking up messes they sometimes do it by rote. This is your opportunity to make them feel like the royalty they are in the hearts of husbands, sons, and daughters. If she starts cleaning, send someone quick to run interference, create a distraction, and take the cleaning duties off her hands. You can make it a fun challenge for the little ones and offer zany rewards at the end of the day for their participation.

This includes the cooking, too. Man the grill or become master of takeout so she doesn’t have to plan, prepare, or serve a single dish on this special day.

Clean Up Afterward

While most moms will never complain, it can be disheartening to wake up the morning after to a giant mess waiting to be cleaned. In fact, some moms would find this to be the most amazing gift to give them, a clean house and lawn the morning after! If you recruit all the children to get involved, it shouldn’t take long to clean up afterward and it will make her feel loved even more.

Take Pictures

With the quick availability of having a camera built into your phone, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take pictures to commemorate this special day. And yet, inevitably, the day ends, everyone gets in their cars, and it’s not until you’re scrolling Facebook that you realize you didn’t take a single photo. Consider doing this as guests arrive to the celebration, when everyone is in a good mood, well-rested, and the little ones aren’t too dirty or disheveled yet.

Which brings the final point: Don’t forget to tell mom you love her and wives how glad you are that you’re raising your family together. This will mean more to her than she’ll ever say.

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