Most people think of renting a party tent only for daytime parties, with the idea that the tent will protect their guests from the strong summer sun. But have you ever thought about renting a nighttime party tent?

nighttime party tent rentals in Dutchess County NY

Here are some reasons why you need a tent for a nighttime party:

  • Protection from the elements. The sun may still be out when your party starts or it may start to rain at some point during your evening soiree. Either way, having a party tent set up will allow guests to gather underneath if the weather changes.
  • Protection from nighttime critters. Let’s be honest, we have bats in the Hudson Valley and if your guests are not used to seeing them fly around at night, a party tent will shield them from view.
  • Adds elegance to your decorating theme. Your party tent can act as the framework of some fancier, more elegant decorating ideas, such as draped fabric and hanging fairy lights or Japanese-style lanterns. Check out this Pinterest link for some elegant decorating ideas and check with us for weight limitations before hanging anything.

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