Party invitation etiquette has changed quite a bit over the years. Back in the days of Emily Post, a written invitation to a party was the norm and guests always followed the etiquette of responding whether or not they could attend.

party invitation etiquette

Today technology has invaded our lives and people are much more casual about how they invite guests and the guests are also casual about RSVP’ing. It all boils down to how formal the party is and your personal preferences.

Weddings and other formal events always require printed invitations that are mailed to guests. Numerous invitation designs are available from online print shops and generally their quality rivals that of local printers. Mail your invitations out early enough so people can mark their calendars and make travel arrangements, especially during the busy holiday season.

These formal events also require the host and hostess to pay per guest, so it’s expected that guests will RSVP. Surprisingly, you may still have to call some guests who have misplaced the invitation or who meant to call but forgot.

Teen parties, such as a Sweet 16 or graduation, can be either formal or informal but generally printed invitations are also sent to guests. Most teens embrace technology and will send evites online or through Facebook but not all teens will respond. Generally, if people don’t respond, don’t count on them showing up for the party.

Kids’ parties are certainly informal but I always preferred to get an invitation to a birthday party so I knew my daughter wasn’t mixing up the details.

In the end, the idea of a party is to celebrate with friends so no matter how you choose to invite your guests, enjoy the time together!

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