father's day party planning

Choosing the perfect spot for great family Father’s Day fun isn’t always a day at the beach. After all, this is all about what will excite and celebrate Dear Old Dad best. Some of these ideas might help inspire you to create the perfect Father’s Day Celebration.

Spend the Day at the Lake

Gather the family, bring your favorite picnic or potluck dishes, plenty of bottled beverages, a few fishing poles, and plenty of sunscreen for a great day at the lake. Dad can enjoy the scenery, drop a line, or even take a boat out for a spell to celebrate his day. It’s good clean family fun and can build great memories that last a lifetime. Don’t forget to take plenty of photographs throughout the day with children, grandchildren, etc. and create a memory book to give to Dad so he can enjoy the day long after it is over.

Plan a Back Yard Barbecue

Don’t make this the type of barbecue where Dad mans the grill all day long. Make this the kind where you have everything taken care of so all he needs to do is sit in a shady spot and enjoy the afternoon. Make sure to cook all his favorites and even humor him if he decides to tell bad Dad jokes all afternoon. It’s his day, after all. The important thing is that everyone has an opportunity to share good stories, better food, and great times together with Dad.

Go with a 50’s Theme

Decorate your backyard with cardboard 50’s vehicles, line up a playlist of Dad’s favorite 50s tunes and dance the afternoon and evening away. Pop a few burgers on the grill, keep a few sodas on ice, and consider making your own ice cream to end the day the way Dad would have back in his prime. The nod to nostalgia will make the day memorable for all involved and it is sure to make Dad smile. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and set up a suitable dance floor for some serious sock-hopping all afternoon.

Let Dad Know He’s Your Superhero

No matter the age of your dad, chances are that there is at least one superhero he identifies with. Consider going with a superhero theme for Father’s Day and really working it. From streamers and decorations to balloons and food, there are many great ways to make it a super day for everyone. Make Captain America’s shield out of berries and yogurt covered pretzels arranged in a circle. Don’t forget to include a star-shaped bowl of cream cheese fruit dip in the center. Make Thor’s hammers out of pretzel sticks and cheese cubes. The possibilities are endless and so is the fun.

With all these amazing Father’s Day celebration ideas, don’t forget to order your party tent so the festivities can continue rain or shine without spoiling your fun.

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